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We are two havanese breeders, each with our individual kennel names, who’ve discovered that we share the same ideals and goals for this wonderful, companion breed.... the havanese.

For those who haven't heard, serious dog breeders and exhibitors can and do talk endlessly about anything dog related.  It becomes a lifestyle as opposed to it being 'just a hobby'. The dogs become a major part of our lives.

Years ago, we met at an AKC dogshow. Eventually, we sought eachother out as sounding boards and ended up spending hours discussing dogs, be it show careers, pedigrees, health testing or future breeding plans.  We then began evaluating eachothers' litters and found we looked for the same qualities in our puppies. Through these events we knew we were of a like mind when it came to our passion for the havanese.    Esther Walldren of Amoritas Havanese was a vital part of our group.  She bestowed the vast knowledge and wisdom we all appreciated.  She was the grounded one who could put things into perspective.  Sadly, Esther passed away in 2011 and left a huge whole in our hearts.

Simply stated, we found that we basically share the same vision of the havanese breed.

We're convinced that the passion we share for the havanese should be combined and shared and that our knowledge can become a useful research tool. Thanks to the wonderful world of communication we can hopefully provide education and information to those who think they want to add one of these characters to their homes. 

We know what style of havanese we like.... we prefer a more elegant havanese. We feel that this style better represents the current dog of Cuba..... the bichon habanero.

Rest assured that in our individual homes, our dogs are treated like members of the family and they are not relegated to living in crates or kennels. Havanese are companion dogs and thrive on interaction with people. The puppies we raise are an important part of our families until they leave us for their permanent homes.

We believe health testing our dogs is paramount when making breeding decisions.

We also know that we can never guarantee a healthy dog for life but health testing, coupled with a responsible breeder can help stack the deck in your favor. Responsible pet ownership rests with you. We, as breeders, stand behind you. Yes, a couple of us have had health issues with our havanese. We know first hand how health issues can affect a family. These dogs are still living with us, as treasured pets and thankfully, have never produced puppies.

Be careful and do your homework before bringing that adorable bundle of love home. Afterall, that puppy has the potential to be a 15 year commitment. You'll soon find that you can't just have one. Havanese are addictive!

This website will always be a work in progress but please, browse around.  If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, let us know. We hope to make this a positive experience. 

Robin, Kat and Kathy

Gilwood Havanese
Mi Casa Havanese

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