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Are havanese hard to housebreak?  This is a tricky question.  They are a toy breed with a tiny bladder so they do need to empty it more frequently than a larger dog and it may take longer to be able to completely housebreak them.  I've found that when I do have difficulties housebreaking a dog it's generally because I've become lazy about taking him/her outside.  I've found setting a timer or an alarm to remind me extremely helpful.

Are havanese really hypoallergenic?  Do they shed?  All animals shed.  With some dogs their fur simply falls to the floor or the furniture or on your clothes.  With others, instead of it falling out of the coat, it stays loose in the coat until it's removed by combing or brushing. So while a havanese technically sheds, it has to be removed. People that have allergies to dogs need to be careful and not assume any dog is hypoallergenic.  They should spend time with a havanese before making that determination but I've seen numerous individuals with dog allergies never have a reaction to a havanese.

I've heard females make better pets. Any truth to that?  Nope, none. Don't get me wrong, I love all my dogs but if the truth be told I'd have a house full of boys.  My girls are truly wonderful but my boys have that extra touch of sweetness. I can't speak for the other breeders in the havanese world but it was explained like this... the girls love you,  the boys are in love with you.

Do all havanese love kids? Not necessarily..... that's a generality. Just as some adore kids and have high energy levels there are some who are more laid back and are content to be lap dogs, hanging out with the adults.  Some havanese love to give kisses and others wouldn't grace you with a smooch. A good breeder should be able to help you when chosing your puppy.  That's why they ask questions about your home life and what you're looking for in a havanese and a great reason for getting your puppy from a responsible breeder.

My havanese is a picky eater.  What can I do? It's hard when that adorable dog won't eat. You're thinking the poor thing will starve. Nope. That's not going to happen. You probably won't like my answer but keep in mind I have a lot of dogs and they all eat all their food, everyday.  Pick a high quality food and stick with it for a while.  Don't keep changing dogfoods because your dog isn't eating it.  If you do, your dog is training you instead of the other way around.  Most importantly, don't leave food available all the time. Put the food down and leave it for a short while, maybe 30 minutes.  Pick up the bowl and don't put it back down again until it's time to eat again.  Within a few days your dog will figure out he needs to eat when you tell him it's time. And honestly, some havanese just don't eat alot and will continually frustrate you.

Are round eyes correct on a havanese?  No, the AKC havanese standard expressly calls for almond shaped eyes. That brings up our mentioning elsewhere on this site, breeding dogs using it's AKC breed standard as a guide. Let's make the assumption that you are buying a havanese because you like the way it looks. We know that when havanese eyes become round, the muzzle tends to get shorter. Within a few generations (which can be as short a span as 4 yrs) of breeding round eyed dogs with shorter muzzles, the dogs begin to no longer resembles a havanese and it then becomes a conformation issue. These types of problems are generally found in puppies from back-yard breeders and puppy mills......people that are out to make 'easy' money, with no regard for the breed. It's a problem with all breeds of dogs. Breeders who show their dogs tend to be the most concerned that the dogs they breed actually look like they should. 

Having a litter of puppies sounds like fun.  Is it?  It's definitely not as simple as it appears. To us, the joys do tend to outweigh the heartbreaks, the stress and the work or we wouldn't be doing this. It's not an easy job and to do it correctly takes a lot of time. With a litter [that are all blessfully born with no difficulties] life revolves around the puppies and it's a 24 hour, 7 days a week job. There are times where we might miss an important event or vacation because we don't feel comfortable leaving the puppies for more than a few hours.  As they get older our work increases.  The clean up increases.  The socializing increases. The weaning process is started and then, when mom is through nursing, feeding them becomes an important role. The vet visits begin, which means unsure, sometimes crying puppies learning how to ride in cars and the inevitable carsickness. Their noise increases. Everything increases. Our homes become puppy central.  Add in, all the time spent finding the perfect homes and answering email inquiries that may or may not lead to that perfect home. Puppy buyers can be total unaware or thoughtless of the amount of time we spend with each one of them, answering their questions only to suddenly, never hear from them again. Top it all off with having strangers come into your home.  But in the end, being witness to a puppy's discovery of life is awe-inspiring.  We do it for the joy.

What is a short-haired havanese? Can I find someone who breeds them? A short-haired havanese is a dog that somehow didn't get the correct coat gene and does not have the long silky coat.  These dogs, while posing no known health risks, do shed. Some of them are adorable. They are not being intentionally bred as they are not considered correct by any havanese standard anywhere in the world.  The long, silky, havanese coat is part of it's overall charm.  A havanese without it's coat is like a poodle with straight hair or a daschund with long legs....it's still a havanese but yet, something's not quite right.

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